Oregon Forensics frequently hires qualified persons as independent contractors to judge forensics events. Judges hired as contractors are not employees of the University of Oregon and are not affiliated directly with the Oregon Forensics program.

To be hired as an independent contracting judge, a person must complete the papework below. The first step is to provide the information below which the Director of Forensics will use to create a Personal Services Contract for the judge as an independent contractor.

 1. Required information

Please select a valid form


2. Download and review the Statement of Work  (Attachment B). Only judges agreeing to adhere to Attachment B will be hired and only those who do adhere will be paid. AddLastNameHere_Attachment B

3. Download and complete  (Attachment F): Indendepent Contrator Certification. AddLastNameHere_Attachment-F_Certification

4. Download and review the Forensics Student Code of Conduct. Independent Contractors hired as judges are to take no actions or make no statements in the presence of Oregon students that causes or encourages students to violate the Forensics Student Code of Conduct or the University of Oregon Student Conduct Code.