David Frank Tournament of Scholars (College Debate)


February 23-25, 2018
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon

We heartily invite you to the David Frank Tournament of Scholars on February 23-25, 2018 (Friday-Sunday) in the newly-renovated Erb Memorial Union on the beautiful campus of the University of Oregon in Eugene.

2018 David Frank Tournament of Scholars – Invitation
2018 David Frank Tournament of Scholars – Schedule

This is the 4th annual David Frank Tournament of Scholars honoring the enormous contributions of former Director of Forensics Dr. David Frank and his vision of forensics in service of scholarship. Oregon Forensics thanks the student leaders of the Albert Kitzhaber Rhetoric Society for hosting this event and the Oregon Forensics Alumni Network for their generous support of our program and the David Frank Tournament of Scholars. Please read the invitation and schedule. Instructions to access UO wireless are provided below.

We provide a tournament of exceptional quality and use NPTE topics on the eve of the 2018 national tournaments in Portland. We are able to waive school fees for out-of-region schools (outside OR, WA, ID, MT) and we celebrate graduating seniors at the awards banquet (please see the invitation). 

We offer 8 preliminary rounds in parliamentary (NPDA) debate and feature switch-side debates in preliminary rounds. Topics are released in advance, drawing on NPTE controversy areas.

Our tournament is designed to provide a balanced and educational experience for students. We aim to provide the highest quality amenities, including a healthy and community-friendly schedule, quality dinners, deep preparation for national tournaments, and an opportunity to celebrate seniors soon to graduate. We are proud of the standard we have set for the quality of our tournament and we anticipate continuing that tradition this year.

• Top-level competition on the eve of both national tournaments
• Generous schedule that promotes community and wellness
• Most rounds are in our gorgeous Erb Memorial Union
• Superior on-site dinners that satisfy diverse diets
• Awards dinner with honors for graduating seniors
• Ben Dodds Top Debater award

Visit the main tournament webpage to orient yourselves to the campus and access useful resources and tournament information. The tournament webpage will provide specific information about anti-harassment policies, procedures, and expectations at the University of Oregon.

Please remember that the University of Oregon campus is tobacco and drug free.

See you in Eugene for another outstanding David Frank Tournament of Scholars in 2018.




Trond Jacobsen, Ph.D
Director of Forensics
Director University Forum
Robert D. Clark Honors College
University of Oregon

2018 David Frank Tournament of Scholars – Invitation
2018 David Frank Tournament of Scholars – Schedule

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